Tuesday, January 17, 2017

ROH YOUNG WOLVES RISING REVIEW: The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Ugly

Finally it was time for the main event of the evening. Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole teaming up to take on Davey Richards and Kyle O ‘Reilly in a highly charged match featuring four guys who know each other really well. There were some mixed reactions from the crowd during the introductions, with the RoH crowd seeming to be slowly turning against their champion Davey Richards. This isn’t unprecedented in Ring of Honor history, with both Nigel Mcguinness and Tyler Black receiving boos during their respective title reigns.

The match started with a deliberately slow pace, something the RoH fans again took a dislike to, with a small “boring” chant emanating from the crowd. It was unnecessary in my opinion, as were the several “you f****d up” chants for minor mistakes throughout the evening. It’s not big and it’s not clever. The match built, with reversal sequences, hard hitting kicks and knife edge chops a key component of each man’s arsenal.
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Soon the double team manoeuvres came into play as the ref became very lax with regards to the legal man. The once mixed crowd soon warmed up with cries of “this is awesome”. The first ten may have been measured, but the proceeding thirty minutes were action-packed to say the least. It is too hard to call everything that took place but there were certainly several highlights. At one point, Edwards and Richards had O’Reilly and Cole in single leg crabs respectively whilst they faced off and chopped the hell out of each other. Kyle O’ Reilly tornado DDT’d Adam Cole from the top rope through the table at ringside that garnered a huge pop from the crowd. Finally, it came down to Edwards and Richards in the ring. Richards managed to turn a top rope code breaker into an ankle lock, and Edwards seemed moments away from tapping. He eventually broke it, and out of nowhere, Adam Cole hit a cross body off the top rope and covered Davey Richards for the pinfall victory!

Wow, what a match. It was by far the best match I have seen so far this year, and is required viewing by anybody who calls themselves a professional wrestling fan. For a match that went for forty minutes there was not one moment where I wasn’t completely captivated and in awe of the action in the ring.

The victory for Cole was deserved as he has the skill set to be a long time main eventer. O’ Reilly too comes out with a lot of credit for his performance and seems like he could be a huge heel in the months to come.

Collar & Elbow Wrestling – ROH YOUNG WOLVES RISING REVIEW: The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Ugly

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