Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Ring ka King: Indians rule the ring

It was a fully loaded couple of hours this week on Ring ka King, with the Bollywood Boys and Mahabali Veera earning title shots, Harbhajan Singh accepting Jeff Jarrett’s challenge for a match, and lots of other developments. Let’s head to the ring and see what happened!

April 7 2012

Match 1: The Bollywood Boys vs Hollywood & Broadway vs the Pathani Pathhe vs the Sheiks w/ Raisha – number one contenders match

The match started off with some quick tags by all teams, and things got crazy early on with the Boys dispatching all of their opponents to the floor, and then taking them out with stereo high dives from the ropes. When the action got back in the ring, the Sheiks and H&B took control, taking turns beating up on a B-Boy, only to break up each other’s pin attempt. After some miscommunication by the heels, the Boy was able to tag in his partner, and soon thereafter the match became a pier-six brawl. The Pathhe hit H&B with the battering ram, but got thrown out by the Sheiks. As the Sheiks turned around, the Boys were there to capitalize. They threw them out of the ring, then hit Hollywood with a pair of superkicks to get the pin. After the match, the Pathhe showed there were no hard feelings, and they celebrated by dancing with the Boys and the Boys’ troupe of dancing girls. There’s a joke in there somewhere about dancing girls and hard feelings, but this is a family show.

Winners, and number one contenders to the Tag Team Championship: the Bollywood Boys

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