Sunday, January 22, 2017

Ode to The Ballroom Brawl

JordanaThe Event will be FOREVER known as Ballroom Brawl we all heeded the call I hoped the show would go off without a problem or glitch as the excitement of the throng nearly 1000 strong rose to a FEVERISH PITCH

The first match of the night was a 6 man fight with 3 men on each team the show was officially on they were full of brawn and the lights shone a bright white beam

The EVIL Heel crew with their Managers too took over the ECCW ring and I could tell by their looks they thought this one is in the books there’s NO WAY we’re losing this thing!

First the G.O.D.S. did arrive with Natural confident they could win then the Americans who were Mr. Sweetser with the one and only JSin

The MIGHTY Faces entered next and in them we were investing I cheered quite loud along with the crowd as they started quenching our thirst for Pro Wrestling

The Commodore first opened in 1930 as I would eventually learn oh how our spirits did soar as we gave a HUGE ROAR when Our King made his triumphant return!

All through the match sightings of Natural I did catch as his hat gave off a sparkly pink glow yes it is true the Heels did lose BUT WHAT A WAY TO START OFF THE SHOW

When ECCW’s Announcing best known as Sweatervest made his appearance known we all gave a cheer cause we didn’t have to fear and our love for him was shown

When my friend Bill’s name was mentioned I sat up straight paid attention and watched his every move for my buddy you see is an ECCW Referee and he was back in his groove!!

Alex Plexis and Artemis Spencer fought very hard as they were next on the card and gave us all a match to remember

We made A TON OF NOISE for The Bollywood Boyz and for The Riot too as sadly a couple of US sons known as The American Guns and Mr. Sweetser made sure the Boyz time as Champions was through

Next it was Jamie Diaz whose opponents back he wanted to crack as he strut/danced down the stairs we all sent our thoughts and prayers for Grammie and Scotty Mac

It was full of PLENTY of blood and had some surprises in store as right before our eyes much to our surprise Scotty jumped off the balcony on to Jamie who was on the floor!!!

Next up was The Greedfather Jordie Taylor and Daniel Adonis with Jamie Diaz by their side otherwise known as DTA collectively with pride

At this dangerously powerful group my gaze it did linger and when they were making their way through the crowd instead of saying “F you!” out loud Adonis gave EVERYONE including me the finger.

Their opponents were John Atlas and Pete Powers who were VERY STRONG and though it seemed the match wasn’t that long could’ve probably wrestled for hours.

It was Toni Baroni vs Davey Boy Smith JR vs the Canadian Champion Nelson Creed and although we did pray somehow some way the Supernatural One was able to succeed

A LOT of energy was spent but it was time for the Main Event so we gathered all that was left that we had it was the SLEASY ElP vs our beloved Randy for the ECCW Title and because of this were QUITE GLAD

Before ElP so ARROGANTLY made his way to the ring a man walked out to talk to us and several things to our attention he did bring. He spoke to us did this man with such MALICE AND HATE in his voice he FORCED us to listen to him we really had no choice.

The feeling he arose in A LOT of us was a feeling of consternation Christopher Cassidy was his name being a lawyer was his game and he was both Alex Plexis and Elp’s Legal representation

The Challenger we knew had someone too Peter Chao who is a YouTube sensation He was very well liked all of us were quite psyched and we welcomed him with elation.

When Randy hugged me in front of Cassidy ”OH COME ON!” he did exclaim even though I was freaking out about the final bout my composure I managed to maintain.

Randy’s hug was full of friendly love and it felt oh sublime as to the Pro Wrestling Gods above I asked for him to PLEASE win this time!

When the ladder came in to play we knew right away there would be some VERY NASTY FALLS

I threw such a fuss and MANY did cuss as our Sick Hero heeded our pleading calls.

Back and forth they VICIOUSLY fought each trying to outdo the other although Randy bested him many a time ElP surprisingly never called out for his Mother.

When the challenger fell from the ladder with the Title Belt firmly in his grasp none of us could believe it and let out an audible gasp!



This will be the legendary legacy and history of the Ballroom Brawl I am hoping for MANY MORE at The Commodore AND THAT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN IS ALL!!!

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