Sunday, January 22, 2017

LIVE: ECCW’s BALLROOM BRAWL at The Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver

AbortmagCommodore Ballroom played host once again to Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling or ECCW  for short, for one of the most exhilarating, high octane; carnage filled wrestling events we have ever had the good graces to witness. Ballroom Brawl 2, the exciting follow up to the last event earlier this year that had word of mouth spread as this sold out event packed the famous ballroom with wrestling fans for what was promised to be an all star night of hardcore brutality. Seven matches lined up this card as local favorites and underground wrestling legend Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana dazzled the ground for three hours of professional wrestling at its finest.

Fans lined up nice and early to get prime seats as the dance floor hosted the ring itself, steel chairs lined the outskirts as the first 5 rows filled up instantly. This diverse crowd donned shirts of their favorite ECCW superstars, WWE, WCW and anything in-between. The TV’s began to countdown as fans riled up in excitement, as the ring announcer simply cheered as “Sweater vest” entered the ring as the lights came down. Donning a red, shiny, hideously amazing sweater vest the announcer welcomed the amped up crowd to Ballroom Brawl 2.

East Van Warriors (Kenny Lush, Billy Suede, and King Of The Yukon) Vs DTA (Jordie Taylor, Daniel Adonis and Shreddz)

This was a pretty great way to kick off the night; the crowd was 100% behind this match rooting for the East Van Warriors to dominate the match. Superb comedic timing made this hilarious match up all the more special as fan interaction between the wrestlers added to the excitement. Ultimately the crowd favorites East Van Warriors would dominate early in the match but after a few tags in and out DTA punished Billy Suede while keeping Kenny Lush and the King of the Yukon at bay and distracted. After a lucky break, Billy Suede managed to get the pin fall count making East Van Victorious to the crowd’s eruption in excitement.

Nicole Matthews (ECCW Women’s Champion) VS Veronika Vice

This title match for the women’s title was short but sweet, Vice trying to manipulate the official in to an early disqualification for Matthews. After a rocky start the action got underway as both fights traded shots back and forth trying to go for the early pin fall. Eventually Matthews would be victorious much to the dismay of Vice.

“Supernatural” Nelson Creed Vs Artemis Spencer

Easily one of the top three matches of the night as Spencer Vs Creed would be an amazing technical display full of high flying hits. Artemis Spencer’s unbelievable performance had crowds chanting as the momentum of the evening was flying full speed. Creed was able to sneak in the victory as it seemed to us that Spencer may have suffered a broken arm. Spencer should be praised for his high flying skills as this match got the momentum of the crowd nice and ready for what we witnessed next.

The Bollywood Boyz (Gurv and Harv Sihra) Vs G.O.D.S. (Bishop and Sid Asylum) in a Mumbai Street Fight

This match is tied for first place in our books; this was one of the most hardcore matches of the night and most exhilarating. The biggest reaction from the audience came for the Bollywood Boyz as they entered towards the ring and the audience erupted in dancing while chanting “Butter Chicken” A little racist as a Punjabi writing this article but I am going to let it slide because it fucking ruled. The match quickly got underway and got heavy from the start. As they exited the ring almost instantly to take the fight in true Mumbai fashion to the “street” and caused chaos almost instantly around the bar taking it over every inch the Commodore Ballroom had to offer. The blood flowed heavy as the fight took to extremes throughout the crowd. After working their way the crowd and few pints of blood spilled throughout the fighters returned to the ring with the crowd on their feet chanting for more. The ring mat has been stained red as the Bollywood Boyz locked in duo sharpshooters to G.O.D.S. for a submission win in one of the most epic matches on the card.

Entourage (Brady Malibu and Pete Powers) VS The Riot (Randy and Andy)

This one fall tag team matches show cased the pun rock power team The Riot facing Entourage are the equivalent to Bel Air posh party youths. Randy Ravenous Mohawk damn near clipped the curtains as he and Andy came out to thunderous applause. The match was a short one but exciting none the less, Due to some mild cheating on behalf of Entourage Brady & Pete snuck in the victory which lead almost to the breakup of The Riots. Teasing the crowd a bit The Riot hugged it out and partied their way to the back as best friends.

El Phantasmo Vs Ethan H.D. VS Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana in a three way elimination singles match.

Crowd favorite Colt Cabana returns to Vancouver for a match against local crowd favorite El Phantasmo and Chicago wrestler Ethan H.D. This match was set for a three way elimination match and started off a tad bit comical, in fact a bit too comical in my personal opinion but the crowd was behind it. After a bit of clowning around the match got in to full swing and the first elimination came at the hands of Ethan H.D. with the surprise upset elimination of Colt Cabana. The match raged on further much to the duress of the crowd over the early elimination of Cabana as El Phantasmo hit Ethan with a pile driver for the win. The crowd went wild but it seemed that Ethan might have walked away with a bit of a neck injury as security scooped him up and carried him backstage almost instantly after the pin fall.

Tony Baroni (ECCW Champion) vs. Scotty Mac vs. Alex Plexis vs. Mike Santiago (TABLES, LADDERS AND CHAIRS TITLE MATCH)

Now as amazing as each match leading up to this main event was, none could compare to the excitement and carnage this table, ladders and chairs match would behold. As the officials began to set up the match ladder after ladder, every type of table you could imagine and chairs galore were placed around the ring to the cheers of the anticipated crowd. Each wrestler came out as excitement built to an extreme level. The match began in an all out brawl, everything you could imagine that these men would put each other through happened before the very eyes of the crowd that demanded what they wanted, when they wanted it. After certain points of destruction fans began to set up tables around the ring discarding their seats to make room. The crowd got everything they wished as the bar was absolutely destroyed with broken tables, bent chairs and crooked ladders. It seemed the end was near as Scotty Mac climbed the ladder for certain victory but before he can reach the illustrious title the lights went dark. Truth be told this was my first ECCW event and as an avid WWE fan my ability to follow the sport was easy, picking up as much as I could from fellow fans beside me but these are new characters and my ability to follow a story line through the night had its limits. When the lights went dark a group of wrestlers came out and brutally attacked Scotty Mac preventing him from achieving title glory giving Tony Baroni the advantage to reclaim his title to the pop of the crowd.

With the night having ended and the final bell rung, I left the venue with the biggest smile as ECCW delivered one of the most entertaining nights of my life. As a long term professional wrestling fan who has been absent from a live event for over 18 years this was a showcase of the best Canadian wrestling had to offer. Every patron got more than their money worth with this card line up, and at its low price ECCW events are a must for anybody wishing to experience the joys of a pro wrestling event. You can guarantee that I will be back at the next even, the ECCW have found a new life long fan as my love of pro wrestling is at its highest in years and I am still buzzing from the excitement I faced live at the Commodore Ballroom.


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