Friday, May 26, 2017

Kc Spinelli and Nicole Matthews in Shimmer

Canadians Continue To Shine At Shimmer Volume 46 (With Photos)

Nicole Matthews Comes Back Strong Against Athena

Nicole Matthews showed her heart and determination by bouncing right back after her championship loss taking it right to Athena in a battle that lasted roughly 15 minutes. In the end Matthews hit Athena with her brutal Roll The Dice finisher as she draped Athena over the top rope. It was all over after that as she covered to pick up the win.

After Matthews won Courtney Rush was seen asking Matthews to be her partner. Matthews must have said no though because Courtney Rush is starting to bribe wrestlers now as she asked Sara Del Rey to be her partner and offered her a piece of gum.





Kellie Skater & Kc Spinelli Collide

KC Spinelli made her debut on the main card of Shimmer tonight taking on the always tough “Rate Tank” Kellie Skater. Spinelli wrestled very well tonight however her debut was spoiled as she unfortunately fell victim to Skater’s Skate or Die finisher and was defeated by the impressive Aussie.






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North Starz – Canadians Continue To Shine At Shimmer Volume 46 (With Photos)

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