Sunday, January 22, 2017

Good Luck to Nicole Matthews at Shimmer

The Indie Corner: Happy SHIMMER Weekend, Everyone

It’s springtime. The birds are chirping, the ice is melting and flowers are coming into bloom. It also means that the leading women’s wrestling outfit in North America will be having one of their two taping conclaves, where half of its year will be played out in front of a raucous crowd at the Eagles Club in Berwyn, IL. Yes, SHIMMER Women Athletes will be settling in with the finest collection of female wrestlers on this side of the Pacific Ocean starting Saturday, and tickets, though sparse, are still available (though they may not be for long).

Obviously, women’s wrestling is a sore subject for some people. In the mainstream, it is derided because basically WWE treats women like soulless automatons who happen to be hot, and TNA, no matter how high the ratings are for their Knockouts’ segments, treats their women with decreasing respect from week to week. It’s easy to understand why people would hold women in low regard in the wrestling ring, but it’s hard to forgive, especially when there’s so much good going on overseas and especially in the indies.

The Canadian Ninjas – Speaking of Perez, she forms a tag team with Nicole Matthews called the Canadian Ninjas. They were the Tag Team Champions up until Vol. 37, and have since focused more on singles feuds. Whether as a tag team or as singles competitors, the Ninjas bring bad dispositions, mean streaks in the ring and sneaky tactics against whomever they face. They also have the best ring gear in the whole company. As a bonus, Perez also handles a good bit of the color commentary when she’s not wrestling, so for those who are mainly watchers via DVD, there’s a bonus.

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