Sunday, May 28, 2017

Corey Basso returns!

It had been a while since ECCW (Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling), or professional wrestling of any sort had been a regular to Port Coquitlam. June 15th marked the last time Canada’s largest indie promotion had been to town but they arrived refreshed and ready to entertain.
The Elks Hall in Leigh Square played host to the greased grapplers on a beautiful Friday night where dozens of excited wrestling fans flocked to see the young talent display their goods.
The evening started off with 4 of ECCW’s most talented wrestlers. Former NWA Canadian Champions and rivals Artemis Spencer and Tony Baroni met the promotion’s most prominent tag team, The Bollywood Boyz. Gurv & Harv of the Bollywood Boyz will best be known for their time spent in TNA’s Indian promotion, “Ring Ka King” a few months back.
Fan favourites Spencer & Baroni fell to the dastardly tactics of the villainous Bollywood Boyz after engaging in a hot, 15-minute opening match. Despite the good guys leaving the ring as losers, the loyal PoCo crowd voiced their pleasure with the opening contest and the night rolled on.
In the lone women’s match of the night, Coquitlam born Nicole Matthews took on Raven Lake.
Despite possessing a size and age advantage over the young Matthews, Raven Lake was not able to make it count on the mat with Nicole Matthews emerging victorious after a particularly rough affair that lasted around 10-minutes.
Next up was the Honky Tonk Kid, the self-professed son of legendary WWE star the Honky Tonk Man, taking on the evil Cremator. Honky Tonk Kid opened up with a little mic action, slagging the Port Coquitlam crowd before Cremator stormed to the ring to begin the contest.
In easily the most comical match of the night, Honky Tonk Kid emerged victorious after Cremator’s minion interfered and caused a disqualification. After riding his guitar around in victory, Honky Tonk Kid escaped ringside just in time for Cremator to dismantle his former minion out of frustration.
The next match had ECCW debut of Lak Siddartha taking on lovable nerd and fan favourite Danni Deeds. Siddartha had a massive size advantage and took very little time to polish off the tiny Deeds, rag-dolling him in record time.
The Port Coquitlam crowd definitely seemed to be enjoying the variety of pure athletic talent, comedy & tragedy that was brought to the table by ECCW on this Friday night.
More comedy was on the schedule as the newly popular Grappling Gorilla (an actual wrestling monkey) took on Poco’s own Hellion. Gorilla exhibited his trademark moves such as the Gorilla press and monkey flip much to the joy of the spectators. After dropping a Monkey’s elbow, Gorilla left the ring victorious and the audience left for intermission with a smile on their face.
After a brief intermission that included a 50/50 draw for money and prizes, the wrestling action resumed with the two main events for the night. This time is great for fans who want to check out the wrestler’s t-shirts and merchandise or even do a meet and greet with wrestlers.
Another PoCo local, Ray Brooks teamed up with Azeem the Dream to take on the smarmy and easily hateable Scotty Mac and, rival PoCo resident, Jamie Diaz. Once again, evil prevailed over good as Scotty and Diaz used every dirty trick to steal a victory from Brooks and Azeem.
The main event contained NWA Canadian Champion Bishop taking on his much smaller rival , the fearless Andy the Dreadful Bird. The crowd was firmly behind Andy but it was not to be as the bigger, badder Bishop mauled Andy to pick up the win, retain his title belt and end the evening.
Overall, it was a very lively show that most of the audience seemed to enjoy. There was a wide variety of action for all to enjoy including comedy and much more. If anyone is on the fence about checking out an ECCW wrestling show, I’d highly recommend it. Even the most casual of fans can’t help but be sucked in to these characters and story lines. If not, come and let off some steam and watch some pure athletic talent at its finest.
ECCW returns to Port Coquitlam on September 22nd. You can find more information at, the ECCW Facebook fan page or follow them at @ECCW on Twitter.
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