Sunday, May 28, 2017

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In my next instalment of my Legends of ECCW’s Halloween Hell, I welcome Moondog Manson or as I like to call him… “The Hardcore Teddy Bear”

Manson is a grizzled veteran of the indie scene in the Pacific Northwest and in particular, the gruesome spectacle that is Halloween Hell.

Manson gives his thoughts on the history of Halloween Hell, ECCW’s return to New West & he also calls out another Halloween Hell legend!

Moondog Manson Shoot Interview with Corey BassoYou can hear my interview with Moondog Manson Thursday, October 25 (Today) on Smack Talk Radio Live at 9 p.m

For more information on ECCW’s Halloween Hell visit, their ECCW Facebook page or follow them on Twitter at @eccw
You can follow Moondog Manson on Twitter at @pro_wrestling or visit his website
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