Folks, we need your help.

We need to hand out some awards, and we have a problem.

If we ask the wrestlers to vote? It just ends up in bar fights.

Wrestler of the year? Bar fight.

Match of the year? Bar fight.

Bar fight of the year? Bar fight.

There's just too much ego, bias, and competitiveness to leave it up to management and wrestlers to decide. Plus half the time Nelson Creed outsmarts everyone and wins all of the arguments and he ends up winning all of the awards.

Which is where you come in.

We need your votes. We need you to weigh in and let us know who should win some sweet sweet gold and diamond encrusted trophies that wrestlers can use to lord over everyone else.

So if you have a few minutes, we'd really appreciate it if you'd help us out, take a gander at this list, and enter in your votes.

ECCW Stipulation Match of the Year

This one is pretty simple. Remember one of these matches that just absolutely blew you away? Vote for it.

ECCW Stipulation Match of the Year free polls

ECCW Match of the Year

This is much like the stipulation match of the year, except these had no stipulations. These were just straight up man/woman vs man/woman affairs. Got a favorite? Vote it.

ECCW Match of the Year free polls

Newcomer of the Year

2017 was an amazing year for young talent in ECCW. This years class has people talking about it possibly being one of the best ever. Did one of the newcomers catch your eye? Let them know with a vote.

Newcomer of the Year ECCW free polls

Feud of the Year

We had a lot of beef in ECCW this year, and not a lot of it was squashed. Sometimes it was so hard to squash beefs that they straight up become vicious life altering feuds. Have a favorite? Vote now!

ECCW Feud of the Year free polls

Most Hated

Sometimes you just can't stand a wrestler. You boo them, you call them names, but they keep coming out week after week, making you hate them all the more. Let them know how much you despise their existence with a vote.

ECCW Most Hated of the Year free polls

Most Popular

Without hate, we couldn't have love. Did one of these wrestlers fill your normally cold dead heart with a tiny modicum of joy? Let them know!

ECCW Most Popular Wrestler of the Year free polls

Tag Team of the Year

Tag team wrestling is a tough gig. Not only do you have to get along with your teammate, but you have to strategize on a whole different level from singles matches. Did one of these teams excel in that department? Vote now!

ECCW Tag of the Year free polls

Wrestler of Year

Simple. Who was the MVP? Who was the franchise last year in ECCW? This is the most prestigous award we hand out, so choose wisely.

ECCW Wrestler of the Year free polls

Best Dressed

Ring gear is a vital part of being a wrestler. Not only does it protect you in the ring, but it can also make you look like a bad ass, which to some, is more important than safety.

Did someone's in ring gear catch your eye? Vote and let 'em know.

Best Dressed Wrestler(s) free polls

Best Entrance

The build up to a match is always more exciting when a good entrance precedes it. Is there someone you just can't wait to watch do their thing as they walk to the ring? Vote now.

Best Entrance free polls

Best entrance song

Of course, every good entrance needs a kick ass song. When a wrestler's song hits, which one makes you stand up in your sit with excitement and anticipation? Or is there simply someone who chose a kick ass tune that you love? Vote away!

Best Entrance Song free polls

Most Lethal Finisher

What's the one move that when you see it happen, you know the match is over? The move that you know if it hits, means lights out for the opponent. Which move is the most lethal?

Most Lethal Finisher free polls


Best Inanimate Object

Sometimes it's the things not in the ring that catch your attention and become a favorite of yours. Has any of these inanimate objects found a place in your heart this year?

Best Inanimate Object free polls

Person you'd least like to fight

If you were stumbling home at night, and walked through the wrong part of town, which person would you least like to look up and see wanting to fight you? Who is the person you think could kick your ass the most?

Person you'd least like to fight free polls

*Please note we will be collecting votes from various sources and different polls, so the results of these polls contained within this post don't reflect the final tallies.