The Wisemen truly burst onto the scene when Billy Suede tricked everyone and joined forces with Tony Baroni at North by Northwest several years ago. Back then Adonis was a whole lot nicer (and more trusting) and he never saw it coming. Nor did any of the fans, especially Billy's number one fan who threw down his custom Billy Suede hockey jersey in disgust that night. The Wisemen talked a big game that night, promising to take over ECCW.

Fast forward to today, and Wisemen International is no longer just hot air, it's an actual thing. Billy Suede has gone overseas to win titles. Baroni has won titles on home soil. The Goddess Mandy is stronger than ever and always seems to provide the Wisemen with the extra edge in their matches. And they've even introduced a protege to the group, to make sure the future of The Wisemen is in good hand, in Travis Williams. They currently hold the tag team titles, under the Freebird rules, meaning any combination of the Wisemen can defend them on any given night.

So you would think Quest for Gold would be a mere nuisance for the group. After all, they already hold gold, they've already proven how good they are, why would they look forward to a show where they could lose everything?

Well, the Wisemen didn't get great by sitting on their asses. Love them or hate them, they're a smart bunch of people. They know the money lies in being the best, and they have a chance to show that once again June 2nd. And with the recent influx of stables in ECCW (The Shining, Beauty and the Builds, The Natural and his island boys), maybe it's time the Wisemen show once again, why they're the top group in the Pacific Northwest.

Besides, it's hard to be against The Wisemen when they always seem to have a plan.

Sure, B-Boy kicked the shit out of Uncle Daddy, but normally? Always have a plan.