We caught up with the Voros Twins after their huge victory over Scotty Mac and Christina Von Eerie Mac at HD Rising, a match that saw them win the ECCW Tag Team Championships.

Now, people sometimes ask us "Are the wrestlers really like that away from the ring? Like, does Pete Powers go around beating people up for being in his general vicinity?"

The answer in most cases is a resounding yes. Scotty left silver handprints over the truck for MONTHS, Nicole Matthews often makes stinging sarcastic remarks, and Artemis Spencer's smile does indeed make an angel get its wings. The list goes on and on.

We can also tell you that the Voros Twins do indeed live a very positive, pure lifestyle. First, watch their celebration.

Now bask in the glory that is a Voros choking on water. Yes, sometimes water can be too much for our sweet innocent Voros Twins. It was most likely above room temp water, which caused the issue.