Remember the nice, polite, Voros Twins? The ones that would high five people, shake hands, kiss babies, sweep floors, recycle bottles, and throw delightful grape and fruit punch flavored powder in the air?

Well, Ravenous Randy has done something to them.

Ever since they became a part of The Shining, they've changed.

They're still the Voros, but they've been ramped up to like, 80 billion. They're desire for the spotlight has intensified. It''s not pretty.

And they have a massive match-up against Bishy Wishy March 31st, at ECCW's 22nd Anniversary show at the Hard Rock Casino, where they get a chance to win back the ECCW Tag Team Championships.

And to hear the Voros speak about it, they deserve the titles because they are the most marketable tag team in the business. What better stage than the Molson Canadian Theatre at the Hard Rock Casino?

Also, they call out Bishy Wishy for being annoying. Self awareness is not a thing for Voros 2.0 apparently.

Buy tickets to the big show HERE, and pray they get the beating they deserve!