Quick results from the show:

Show started off with the Vancouver Canucks biggest fan (he has trouble deciding if his favorite player is Bo Horvat or Brock Boeser) The Natural announcing that the main event on the night Cat Power vs Tony Baroni in a Hair vs Hair match could not continue due to Cat not being medically cleared.

As a result, Baroni, Travis Williams and the Goddess Mandy came out, yelled a lot of things, then Nicole Matthews came out, she gave some thumbs up then yelled some things, then Eddie Osbourne, Judas Icarus came out and Icarus smelt some hair,  badda bing badda boom, it was decided a Survivor Series main event was the only way to settle things.

Daniel Adonis (winner) vs Shreddz : ECCW Championship match

Adonis got the win after Beauty and the Builds members ran out and took turns unloading on Shreddz until he could go no further. Shreddz dished out TKO's left and right but eventually the Damn Numbers Game (tm) took over, and Adonis picked up the win.

Jacky Lee (winner) vs Mitch Mulligan

Sadly, no, it was not a PreCCW Championship match. Mulligan is the Honky Tonk man of the PreCCW Championship world, his reign of terror with no end in sight.

Also sad was the fact Mulligan didn't have his caddy Steve with him, so he had to carry his own golf bag. As a result, Mulligan had to go get his own golden putter mid match, which the ref saw, and in the ensuing chaos Jacky Lee pulled out the surprise win.

The Voros Twins (winner) vs Steve West and Xavier Galaxy : ECCW Tag Team Championship Match

Despite a valiant (if West and Galaxy could ever be described that way) effort from the challengers, their decision to try and cheat their way to victory cost them the match as the ref saw them try and use the tag team titles as a weapon.

The Voros remain your ECCW Tag Team Champions, and yes, they are positive and optimistic as ever.

Andy Bird vs Erik Strange (winner)

Strange things do indeed seem to happen around Erik Strange, as what was thought to be a match up for the Canadian title, ended up being a match against Ravenous Randy.

Randy, dressed up as Andy Bird, came out to the ring and revealed himself as the challenger. He took on Strange and despite a good match, ended when Andy Bird finally united himself from the back and showed up to the ring.

Randy demanded a match with Bird, and Bird gave him a match...with Erik Strange next week in Abbotsford.

Randy was not very happy with this.

Randy yelled at a lot of people.

Scotty Mac (winner) vs Eddie Daniels

Scotty Mac and Drexl apparently have started a "who can beat up the rookies the quickest" contest, and despite Eddie Daniels giving Scotty Mac some early scares, Smaccy shut the rook down with a super kick to the face.

Drexl vs Shareef Morrow (winner)

Drexl, never one to shy away from initiating rookies into the business, looked to have Morrow beat, but he pulled him off the mat to "play with his food" a bit longer. This ended up costing Drexl as Shareef would later pull out the win, much to the chagrin of Drex.

That's right, chagrin. There was a lot of chagrin going on.

Nicole Matthews, Riea Von Slasher, Bishop and Fergie vs Eddie Osbourne, Judas Icarus, Travis Williams and Tony Baroni (winner)

Fair warning, there was a lot of talk about Icarus not wearing shoes (and some small joint manipulation of his toes by way of Riea Von Slasher that we're not sure was strictly legal), but Icarus was also smelling a lot of the ladies hair, so he probably deserved it?

Despite Icarus looking like an Amish kid at his first big city high school dance with actual females, Team Baroni managed to pull out the win. There was too much action to list here, but suffice to say, Icarus smelling hair was still the big takeaway.

And in keeping with that hair theme, Cat Power showed up to ruin Tony Baroni's celebration, as she laid him out with a chair, cut off some of his hair, then had to be held back by five security members so she couldn't maim and destroy Tony further. Tony woke up to find a chunk of hair in his hand, and well....let's just say Uncle Daddy is going to need more than a nice soak in a hot tub to get over this one. 

This feud is far from over.