Dr. Luther and Ravenous Randy. Two legendary names in wrestling. Two men who have seemingly found an strong alliance with each other. An alliance so strong they've won the ECCW tag team titles already. Two men who have targeted the Voros Twins for costing them the titles. Two angry men who meet the Voros Twins this Saturday at Ballroom Brawl 8.

You would think the Voros Twins stand no chance against such big names. But the Voros Twins? They love proving people wrong. They have a history of doing it. They have been improving year in and year out. They've traveled the world training, finding new ways to add to their game.

But here's the thing. The Voros Twins? They don't think they need to surprise anyone. In fact, they think The Repaired are the underdogs in this match. Why you ask? Because Team Work makes the Dream Work.