At Cinco De Mayhem, we saw The Natural toss his proverbial hat back into the management ring.

He also tossed a belt.

And tossed away a friendship.

We always assumed we'd see The Natural managing wrestlers again. After all, you can't argue the man's track record. He produces winners, that's just what he does. If you want to win gold, aligning yourself with Natch is a great way to achieve it.

It's just, HOW he produces winners has always been a point of contention from fans and wrestlers alike. The cheating and back stabbing has a way of tainting a lot of what he accomplishes.

Which is why we weren't too shocked to see The Natural back near the ring, being his sneaky self once again, cheating his way to victory. We just didn't think Natural would use an old friend as a ladder to get back to the top.

Enter Bishop.

Yes, The Natural promised Bishop he had no horse in this race, which I guess is technically true. He didn't have a horse. He had horses. Multiples.

And those horses all came out of the stable and ran to the ring during the Eddie Osbourne vs Bishop Canadian Championship match last Saturday. They rushed the ring. They attacked Bishop. Fergie came out for the save. But Natural....nobody kept their eye on Natural. All of a sudden there was a belt flying through the air, landing at the feet of Osbourne. Steph Curry couldn't have made a better shot.

Eddie ain't no fool, and he knew how this story ended. A belt to the dome of Bishop a moment later, and The Natural's newest stable was born.

Some people? They didn't believe it. They tried to defend Natch:

Which is why we requested the footage be released, so everyone can decide for themselves. Luckily our cameraman is amazing at his job and he caught most of the belt toss unfold, during the last chaotic moments of the match:

Back and to the left.


And to the left.

Yes, we don't see Natural toss the belt, but unless there was another belt tosser on a grassy knoll, we can easily put two and two together.

As for Bishop, some fans are wondering why he didn't see it coming. After all, who knows Natural better than Bishop?

But friendship is a hell of a drug my friends. It makes you ignore a lot of things, including warning signs of betrayal. Maybe Bishop didn't want to believe it. Maybe he wanted to give his buddy the benefit of the doubt.

Whatever the reasons may be, Bishop's eyes are fully opened now. And the war between Bishop and Fergie against The Natural, Eddie Osbourne, Judas Icarus and Eli Surge?

ECCW: Infinity War has begun.