You don’t call yourself the Golden Boy without a healthy amount of entitlement. But to be fair to Travis Williams, he tends to live up to his own hype. Whether it’s winning belts in ECCW, retiring belts in ECCW, becoming the youngest member of The Wisemen, or being in demand all over the Pacific Northwest, Travis Williams seems set on a path to stardom in wrestling.

So you’ll have to excuse him if he isn’t too worried about emerging as the victor in the upcoming Fatal Fourway match at Ballroom Brawl XII, which pits him not only against two of the other biggest young stars in ECCW in Judas Icarus and Beef Boy, but also against one of the top independent wrestlers in the world in David Starr. You’d think he’d be nervous about what is the biggest match of his career, a match that could strap a rocket ship to his back and take his career to heights higher than ever.

But to hear the Bish Killer tell it, the result is nothing but a foregone conclusion.