When Steve West found himself without a tag team partner for Ballroom Brawl IX, many people felt he would simply bow out of the contest. After all, it's a tough task to ask someone to walk into a battle against three other top tag teams with a new partner, somebody you don't even know, and someone you have no idea if you have any chemistry with.

Well, Steve West is many things, but a quitter ain't one of them. Chalk it up to hubris, or chalk it up to naivety, or maybe it's just good old fashioned optimism, but Steve West sent out a message to ECCW last week: "Tell me why you should be my tag team partner at Ballroom Brawl IX."

And sure, maybe you'd think people would balk at the idea of having to audition for the chance to get to be his tag team partner. Wrestling is fuelled by equal parts tiger balm and ego, so it's not often you'll see people resort to what looks like begging.

But this is not just a chance to be Steve West's partner. Oh no. This is a chance to be on the most iconic wrestling card in the Pacific Northwest. This is a chance to wrestle in front of the greatest wrestling fans in Canada. This is a chance to battle it out at the infamous Commodore Ballroom for the ECCW Tag Team Championships. And with a spot on the line for Ballroom Brawl IX, it's not shocking so many people jumped at the chance to be Steve West's partner.

The only question left, then, is who did Steve West choose?