That's the question Nicole has to ask herself heading into Ballroom Brawl IX.

Just how well does she know Joey Ryan?

When she chose Joey Ryan to be her tag team partner for Ballroom Brawl IX, it looked like just another opportunity to embarrass Scotty Mac on the biggest stage in PNW wrestling, the Commodore Ballroom. She'd already crashed his wedding the last time Scotty was at the Commodore. Hell, she even picked a fight with the new bride Christina Von Eerie and they almost beat each other to death on CVE's wedding night. At one point things got so heated Nicole Matthews almost took out a fan's eye in the front row with a confectionery.

So it's no surprise that when Scotty was looking for a fight at Ballroom Brawl IX, Nicole stepped up and brought in international superstar Joey Ryan to help shine an even bigger spotlight on another potential beatdown of Scotty Mac and Christina Von Eerie.

But Scotty, well, Scotty brings up a good point. Just how well does Nicole know Joey Ryan? Does Joey Ryan have Nicole's best interests at heart? Sure, Scotty can talk (and talk and talk and talk) a big game, so maybe he's just trying to get into her head. Or maybe....just maybe.....this 2 on 2 match up isn't so even after all.