What. A. Show.

We had top notch action. We had carnage in the ring. We had refs being taken out left and right. And yes, Pete Powers was there, so you know Vince Havok got knocked the hell out at one point.

And when it was over, we knew we had done the RCC proud. We've held over 150 shows at the RCC. As Natural and Scotty Mac said, the RCC is where we held the show that caught the attention of the Commodore Ballroom and made them know they had to have us do shows with them. We've seen countless wrestlers put their lives on the line at this venue, and leave their blood sweat and tears all over that building.

We will miss the RCC, but we look forward to finding more venues to showcase the great action of the RCC to our fans all over the PNW.

With that being said, what better way to send the RCC off then with a little karaoke....