We're pretty used to Scotty Mac grabbing a mic and letting the world know what he thinks. Find a microphone anywhere around you and odds are Scotty Mac is attached to it.

But you have to give him credit, when Scotty Mac promises big things, he comes through on them. Whether it's a high octane match, or a big spectacle, or beating the ever living hell out of rookies in a steel cage, when the ECCW legend says something, you should probably listen.

Which is why we were pretty excited for the return of Smac Down this Saturday, June 2nd, at Quest for Gold. Sure, Scotty talks every show (he's addicted to microphones), but when he does it on Smac Down, it usually means bigger and better talking points and/or guests.

So color us even more intrigued when Scotty sent us this video this morning promising huge news for ECCW this Saturday...