When J-Sin Sullivan attacked Scotty Mac and Christina Von Eerie, Scotty thought it would be easy to get his revenge. This is wrestling, after all, usually all you have to do is wait in the shadows at the next show and odds are you’ll find a chance where you can run in and cash in your receipt.

Except this time, J-Sin Sullivan? He didn’t play by the rules. He wasn’t back in ECCW to make a glorious return, he was simply there to kick Scotty and Christina’s ass, and leave. He got what he wanted, and he was cashing out. You have to admit, it’s kind of a brilliant plan, one allegedly hatched by Don Chaco, a man with his own axe to grind with Scotty.

But Scotty didn’t become an ECCW legend by giving up and quitting at the first sign of resistance. He kept demanding a match from J-Sin Sullivan, until eventually the the full plan of Don Chaco was revealed….Scotty can get his match…..as long as he puts his career, AND his wife’s, on the line.

Well, Scotty has had enough.His opponents have their demands? Well Scotty has one of his own.