J-Sin Sullivan claims he’s washed his hands free of Scotty Mac. J-Sin Sullivan claims he did everything he wanted to do. He came to Canada, whooped Scotty and Christina Von Eerie’s asses, and went back home. He had his ECCW bingo card and he filled it out, see ya later.

Except at Fans Bring the Weapons, a strange thing happened. You see, Scotty Mac, he was in an ECCW Canadian title match. And he looked like he was about to win that gold, putting it back around his waist once again, saving us from Eddie Osbourne’s reign of terror. But who showed up?

One Mr. Drexxl. If the devil can ever really be called “Mr”.

Drex cost Scotty the match. Another dagger in a back that’s already heavily scarred from from the former Beauty and the Builds member. Another attack from J-Sin’s newest oldest friend. Which got Scotty thinking J-Sin isn’t quite done with Scotty as he says. Which is why a challenge was once again issued…