Drexl, Adonis and Scotty Mac (winner) vs Ravenous Randy and the Voros Twins

Despite a back and forth affair, it seems like you always run into the numbers game when facing off against Beauty and the Builds. BatB snuck out with the victory, and Ravenous Randy once again was on the outside looking in when the pinfall went down, bringing to mind his loss at Ballroom Brawl 8 with Dr. Luther.

Can Ravenous Randy rebound from two straight victories? Will the Voros Twins get back on track to win the tag team titles when they face off against Scotty mac and CVE in New West, August 12th? We shall see.

Highlight of the Match: Drexl giving the Voros a Rude Awakening

Bishop (winner) vs Erik Strange

Bishop likes two things. Dancing, and beating up rookies. And water bottles. And giving high fives. And talking during his matches. OK so he likes a lot of things.

The point is, he took on newcomer Erik Strange, and although Erik had a few moments where he showed some of his potential, there is a reason Professor Bishop is feared by all the wrestling kids.

Highlight of the Match: Professor Bish shows how to hit a moonsault (a little boy informed him he would have won right there and then had he done it from the top rope).

Fergie (winner) vs Xavier Galaxy

Ever since Pesky betrayed Fergie, effectively killing off the Good Brothers forever, Xavier Galaxy has been sticking his nose in their business on Pesky's behalf ever since. Not only was X one half of the conchairto delivered to Fergie at the RCC when the betrayal went down, but he also delivered the low blow at Ballroom Brawl 8 that got Fergie eliminated from the Bird's Nest Rumble, and thus a chance at the Canadian Championship.

Well, Fergie is still a little pissed off about all of that. And in Pitt Meadows, he got a chance to get his hands on Xavier Galaxy one on one. And yes, his gear has a bunch of fruits and pizza on it. And no, we're not quite sure what the deal is yet.

Highlight of the Match: Revenge always tastes oh so good...

Nicole Matthews (c) (Winner) vs Liiza Hall

Ok so the most vicious offense in this match came from a fanny pack. The actual competitors in the match changed up, and there were multiple victories scored. Nicole Mattews stole some sun glasses at one point. A ref got a pinfall victory halfway through the match.

It was kind of weird. We don't really know what happened. But they don't ask you how you won, they just ask if you won using jellybeans to take out the eyes of someone in the front row.

Highlight of the Match: I mean, it's not often the ref sneaks out a win.

Mitch Mulligan and Travis Williams (winner) vs Shareef Morrow and Jacky Lee

You know this match up had a lot of young blood in it when Crappy Gilmore is the grizzled veteran in the ring.

That being said, Mulligan showed that's he's the Preccw Champion for a reason, and that's by using every single trick to his advantage. Today, it was a shot to the nuts. Next week, it's probably being out of the country so he never has to actually defend the Preccw Championship. It's hard to pin this guy down.

As for Jacky Lee, Shareef Morrow and Travis Williams, they all showed signs of why ECCW will continue to be the dominant wrestling company in the PNW, as the future is so bright that Nicole Matthews has to wear sunglasses.

Highlight of the Match: Jacky Lee and Shareef Morrow showing some early signs of team chemistry as they took to the skies to take out their opponents!

Andy Bird (c) (winner) vs Pete Powers: 2/3 Tables Match for the Canadian Championship

Pete Powers is a scary man, there is no doubting that. But as history has shown, his focus is perhaps his one weakness. Get him off his game, and you open up the chance to victory.

In a tables match, though? A match up made for the pure violence Pete Powers brings to every single match? That's a tall order for any wrestler to take on. But as Andy Bird has shown us time and time again, it's going to take more than ladder and tables to take that Canadian Championship from his hands.

Maybe chairs? Will a chairs match be his undoing? Maybe combine all three into a TLC match? What will it take for Andy Bird to lose?? The guy is in the zone right now, there's no doubting that.

Highlight of the Match: While Andy and Pete did an admirable job, table stole the show.