We've all been wondering what's been going on with The Natural and his new found friends from the island. We got a pretty big glimpse behind the curtain when The Natural cost Bishop a Canadian Championship victory at Cinco De Mayhem, but we're still not sure what the deal is with this new group. Why did Natch join them? Why did they join up with him? What's their end game here? Why turn on one of his best friends in the business in Bishop?

Well, we couldn't get Natural to answer questions on camera, despite our intrepid reporter Al asking him repeatedly. Even Sweatervest couldn't get a straight answer out of the Natural in the ring. So we did what we do best...

We e-mailed Natural every single day until he finally relented and answered us.

In the form of an official statement.

Here is what he had to say:

Dear ECCW Faithful

Eddie Osbourne is proud to be closing in on two months as YOUR ECCW Canadian Champion. He is a killer, a warrior and a leader. He fears no man and wants to be the greatest Canadian Champion this company has ever seen.

With that being said, Eddie and I believe in what is true and in what is just. Andy Bird was a fine champion, but constantly ducked Eddie from the second he entered ECCW. We believe this cowardly act has tarnished his reign as champion and makes his one on one rematch not warranted. So we will not be granting Andrew J  Bird that one on one match. Instead he will be entered Into the #1 Contender Ladder match at Ballroom Brawl X on July 21st. Good luck Andrew, we believe in you.

As for one Cole David Bishop, he will get his one on one title match...down the line. Currently, we feel Bishop's outburst backstage on May 5th was disrespectful and potentially dangerous. So we are giving him a 90 day cooling off period. Eddie has a big title match on June 2nd, and the title will be defended at Ballroom Brawl X. After that, we will reevaluate Bishop's attitude and conduct.

See everyone June 2nd in New West!!!


The Natural