Mitch Mulligan has been making some noise in ECCW. With his length PrECCW title reign being the talk of the town, it makes sense why he'd want to throw his name in the ring for Ballroom Brawl IX.

After all, Mitch Mulligan might be the most pure athlete on ECCW's roster. Have you seen him tee off? It's a thing of beauty. It's the sort of thing you'd paint a picture of and hang it over your mantle. The guy is the God of the Greens, the King of Swing, the Ace that runs the place.

And debate it all you want, but nobody has come close to taking that PrECCW title from him. If you want a guy that knows how to lock down titles for long periods of time, Mitch Mulligan is your guy.

In fact, there has been a recent surge of support for Mitch Mulligan from the internet. The people are speaking, and oddly enough, they are whispering the name "Mitch Mulligan...."

So if Steve West is looking for a partner, maybe Mitch Mulligan is his guy. Is it all in the hips? We shall see....