For Scotty Mac, a match against J-Sin Sullivan is an easy one to get up for. You see, these two have a long and storied past with each other, and it doesn't take much to get these two wanting to murder each other. It's like that Looney Tunes cartoon when Yosemite Sam is lost in the dark, so he lights up a match...only to find himself in a gunpowder room. That's kind of what it's like with Scotty and J-Sin the second the enter a room together, the explosions are mere seconds away from occurring.

So you can imagine why Scotty is probably looking forward to his match this Saturday at ECCW: Genesis with a little bit more anticipation then any match he's had in years. Another chance to beat up the monster that has haunted him for so much of his career.

Except here's the thing. Scotty went to Paraguay a couple years back. And sure, because of that trip he met the love of his life, and now wife, Christina Von Eerie. But as with many things in life, there is always a give and a take. And for all the good that came from that trip, Scotty made an enemy for life in one Don Chaco.

And Don Chaco? He has a long memory. And he has had no problem biding his time, waiting for the perfect moment to mount his attack on Scotty Mac. And.....well, you know what? Why not let Don explain himself?


Scotty Mac vs J-Sin Sullivan, Saturday September 8th, New Westminster. This might be just the beginning.