The Shining were born when Ravenous Randy shocked the world by putting together a group of individuals that seemingly had very little to connect them to each other. Unlike the comic books, there was no easy to read plot summary of what they stood for, or what their end goal was. Thanos does not exist in ECCW and even if he did, one wonders if Randy wouldn’t have just found a way to convince him to join their group as well.

Yes, not much is known about this stable. All we’ve been able to piece together is that Randy respects and values each member of the group for their willingness to go after their dreams, a group of people he feels should be valued more than they are by the so called common folk. When we last saw Randy he was berating the crowd for giving up on life and settling into a life of peace and security, choosing the easy route instead of actually living life and experiencing everything one should on this earth.

It’s intriguing, admit it. And it’s why we wanted to know more about this group, to try and see if we could put together more of the puzzle. Which is why our intrepid reporter Al Leung tracked them down recently to see if he could get an interview and learn more about….The Shining.