Ashley Sixx and Cat Power, the founding members of The Grindhouse, have a pretty impressive resume. Since they’ve combined forces, not only have they taken the ECCW Tag Team Championships, they’ve also managed to hold onto them, in a notoriously deep tag team division. And until recently, they’ve done it all on their own.

Enter, Beef Boy.

The Royale with Cheese, as the French call him, has been on fire in ECCW, quickly becoming a fan favorite for his never say die attitude. Except Beef Boy knows that it pays to have friends in wrestling, as you only have to look around and see The Shining, or The Wisemen, or The Moonshine Mafia to realize if you don’t have someone who’s got your back, you’re in for a rough night.

So Beef Boy has been on a quest to befriend Grindhouse for months. Despite meeting a brick wall of defiance from Grindhouse, Beef Boy, well, he grinded it out, making sure he had their back, culminating in helping them defend their tag team championships at Ballroom Brawl XII. It’s safe to say that without his help, Grindhouse would no longer be ECCW Tag Team Champions.

After the match ended, he was welcomed with open arms, as Grindhouse became a three person unit. The fairy tale ending Beef had been chasing, was finally his.

Or did it?

Morning after regrets might be seeping into the Grindhouse…