It feels like every day we see Beef Boy and Grindhouse continue their “will they or won’t they?” dance. They have quite simply become the Ross and Rachel of ECCW, with everyone wondering when they’ll stop fighting and finally realize they love each other??

Well, it might not be any time soon, if the latest happenings are any indication. Despite Beef Boy playing a pivotal role in helping Cat Power and Ashley Sixx retain their tag team titles at ECCW’s 23 Anniversary show, it appears Beef Boy isn’t in the club just quite yet. Beef Boy has Grindhouse’s back, but they don’t appear to have his.

Which makes Beef Boy’s match at June 22nd at Triple Crown in Sapperton all the more interesting. Can a decisive victory over Sonico and Andy the Dreadful Bird prove to Grindhouse that Beef Boy is worthy of the Grindhouse name? Or will Beef Boy be forever stuck wandering the world without a friend in sight?