It's Friday night, you've probably had a long week of work, and you're ready to relax with some friends for the weekend, right?

Well, Erik Strange has a match up against Andy Bird on Saturday, so we knew there would be only one place we'd find him.

Not hanging out with friends. Not having a beer or two. Not watching the game. There is only place he was going to be.

The gym.

Erik Strange is an up and coming rookie in ECCW, a guy who has muscles and speed, and is ready to shock the world when he takes on Andy Bird for the ECCW Canadian Championship this Saturday at ECCW: Vancity Showdown at the RCC.

Of course, Andy Bird has never been hotter in his career, and has been beating top level talent left and right. How can a rookie walk in and beat him?

Well, Strange things DO seem to happen around Erik...