When we last saw the high flying muscled Erik Strange, he was climbing up the ranks of ECCW like he had a rocket attached to his back. But sometimes life has different ideas in store for you, as Erik found out when he not only suffered a serious neck injury just as he was on the cusp of winning the Pac Cup, but also an injured knee months later when the infamous feud between the young guns and Scotty Mac’s Beauty and the Builds played out inside a steel cage.

Fast forward to today, and many people thought we’d never see Erik Strange inside a ring again. And who could blame him, he’d suffered such major injuries that riding off into the sunset seemed like a fine plan.

But if you thought Erik Strange was going to go that route, then you don’t know Erik Strange very well. Strange is a fighter, and he is set to make his return in the best shape of his life. We talked to him briefly, and he is more intense, more strong, and more, well, strange, then ever.

And wouldn’t you know it, Strange returns at the side of the man who put him on the shelf inside a Steel Cage in Scotty Mac in what looks like a new version of Beauty and the Builds. We can’t wait to see what happens this Friday at ECCW’s 23rd Anniversary Show at the Anvil Centre!