Any time there’s a power move in ECCW, odds are The Natural is behind it. So when people heard rumours that Eddie Osbourne, who’s face is right front and centre in the poster of Wrestling With Hunger, would not be appearing at the December 1st show, people made the logical conclusion: Natch is being Natch.

Yes, the Moonshine Mafia at times seems to do things just to prove that they can. The Natural claims Eddie is the ECCW Canadian Champion, therefore he will be defending the title across the country, but you don’t watch Natch for years without knowing that Canadian pride is not something that fuels him.

No, what fuels him these days is 100% grade A moonshine, preferably of the mafia kind. But, we’ll let him fill you in on all the rest. And yes, the Moonshine Mafia prefers low lighting, they say it brings out their eyes.