As first announced on the Daily Hive, El Phantasmo is taking his talents to the UK to try and showcase his wrestling to a brand new audience.

As per EL-P:

“I’m looking forward for the challenge of going from one of the top guys here, to being an unknown there and having to prove myself to a whole new audience. I’m excited to see how my persona evolves and I can’t wait to get in the ring with so many talented guys over there in the UK. One of the things I love most about professional wrestling is the electric atmosphere the crowd and the wrestlers combine to create. The UK crowds are notorious for being some of the loudest and I can’t wait to be in the middle of it.”

Bottom line, after the year Mr. Ballroom Brawl had in 2016 (the ECCW Championship title run, the Matches of the Year, winning Wrestler of the Year, Fan Favorite of the Year), he felt a burning desire to see if he could push himself even further in the UK.

We wish nothing but the best to EL-P as he takes on this new journey. We hope all the fans who have been entertained by his matches over the year come out to wish him a fond farewell March 27th at the 21st Anniversary Show.

You can buy tickets to that show here.