Like the game of Monopoly, stabbing your friend in the back is a common theme in wrestling.

Except instead of demanding your buddy pay you all of their money for landing on Kentucky Avenue whilst you lecture them on the pro strats you used by investing in the mid range properties instead of wasting time on Boardwalk hunting, usually fame and fortune are what causes the rifts in wrestling.

And you would think someone as uncompromising, unlikable, and downright mean spirited as Eddie Osbourne would be primed for a good ol' fashioned back stabbing. Except ever since him and his Island boys showed up on the scene, with The Natural seemingly working in the shadows behind them, they've been as cohesive a unit as we've ever seen in ECCW. Hell, even Beauty and the Builds can barely stand being in the same room together, and they're practically family.

But Eddie Osbourne, Eli Surge and Judas Icarus seem intent upon leaving their stamp on ECCW, putting egos to the side for the common cause of team glory. Whether that takes the form of shocking the world and ending Andy Bird's legendary ECCW Canadian Championship run, or tormenting Bishop, the island boys are certainly presenting a formidable challenge to any opponents as they try and make a name for themselves in ECCW.

Which yeah, puts Bishop in a bit of a tough spot. Bishop is no stranger to the lifestyle Eddie Osbourne is currently living. Hell, Bishop WAS Eddie Osbourne in ECCW for many years. A dominating, ill intentions man who would straight up murder people in the ring for daring to breathe the same air as him. A man who had Natch in his corner, who had a tighter than tight bond with Sid Sylum to help watch his back. Put a spray bottle and a towel in Eddie's hands and we might as well call him Bish 2.0 .

Which is why Eddie Osbourne might be on to something when he asks "How much can you count on your tag team partners, really?" to Bish. There is no Fergie on Sunday. There is only Andy Bird, a man who has little reason to love Bish, and Shreddz, a former partner of Bishop's that he betrayed. Right now Eddie and his team are aligned, there are no cracks we can see in their foundation. Does Bishop even have a foundation to work with with his new teammates?

So the question is, will Eddie and his boys tight bond give them the upper hand? Or will Bishop, Bird and Shreddz put aside past differences and come together to show that evil doesn't always win?

To hear Eddie put it, Bishop doesn't stand a chance.

To hear the fans put it, "Bishop's gonna kill you."

Who will be right? Find out, June 23rd, at the last show ever at the RCC.