At the ECCW July show in Pitt Meadows, what started off as a friendly wager between bitter rivals (Fergie and Xavier Galaxy) turned into the very first contest for the ECCW Video Game Championship.

The title was to be settled in a game of WWF No Mercy for the N64.

Sadly, the video was lost, but we can tell you that Fergie won...and won quite handily. Some say Xavier Galaxy has never been the same since. Fergie's Bubba Ray Dudley did things to Galaxy's Rikishi that wouldn't have been allowed on YouTube due to the amount of violence involved.

With the Agrifair this past weekend, and Fergie not available Saturday to defend his new video game title, we held a UFC 2 tournament to decide who the number one contender would be. The winner would be chosen from the person with the most exciting, most entertaining, and most dominant victory of the night.

Yes, folks, Tony Baroni continues his quest to hold every single belt ever invented in ECCW, as he is now your number one contender, with his glorious victory over Nick Pesky.

We shall set up a contest between Fergie and Baroni in the future. The game? To be decided.