Well folks, the return of Ethan HD was highly anticipated, and the man delivered quite a performance in his match against Adonis. And while Adonis used the leverage of the Beauty and the Builds to sneak out a win, it was the post match promo from Ethan HD that had the entire Pacific Northwest talking afterwards...

But before we get to that, here are the results from the rest of the show!


This was the most emotion fueled match-up of the night, as Fergie finally got his first one on one chance to exact some revenge on his former Good Brothers partner. Fergie has had title shots taken away from him, chair shots have been handed out to him, and his heart ripped from his actual chest by Nick Pesky, so you know he was ready for this one. And even if he wasn't, how do you not want to punch this guy in the face?

Like, we're pretty sure his tassels have tassels at this point. It's kind of gross.

Regardless, Fergie brought the pain early on to Pesky, beating him so badly that Pesky needed to escape from the ring several times. And while the highlight of the match was undoubtedly this:

Pesky ended up utilizing the running away strategy so much that he eventually got himself counted out. Fergie did not get the revenge he so strongly desires, and Pesky lives to fight another day. These two still have much to settle.

Seriously, though, we know Pesky's motivations have been questionable as of late, but the guy just did a motorcycle pin, so we have to give him some credit for that. Bad ass.


This match up saw two of the newer ECCW wrestlers to come through town in Nathan Legacy and Judas Icarus, as they tangled with the big man Bishop and the ever creepy Xavier "Stare at my ass" Galaxy.

The match up utilized the "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" tactics, as Xavier and Icarus, perhaps bonding over having dope names, teamed up to take out Bishop early. In fact, this tactic was used for the majority of the match, as they kept the ever dangerous Bishop on the outside while they turned their attention to Legacy.

Icarus, in particular, was intriguing to watch because of his kick based offense. It was like he was literally throwing his entire body into people with ninja kicks and it was kind of awesome. It feels like he trained at a Cobra Kai dojo and really hates Mr. Miyagi, except he kind of looks like the Karate Kid, so it got really weird.

The beat-down culminated when Xavier Galaxy busted out a Milky Way and pointed right at the camera and made eye contact with all of us. We felt so dirty.

Legacy, however, is a resilient sort of fellow, one who can fly through the air like Spiderman discovering how to use his powers. We give you exhibit A:

And yes, Nathan Legacy would go onto to win the match, but it was an odd sort of finish. We could write about it, but, it's probably best if you just watch the video of the last 30 seconds of the match to see for yourself:

Look, we know Bishop has turned a page in his life. He likes to have fun, and he's enjoying the lighter side of things as of late. But behind all of that, he is still a killer. He just does it with a smile now. I mean, you can hear the crowd chanting "Bishop's gonna kill you" before trailing off into bewilderment, as Bishop handed the win to Legacy. It's just so....weird.

We have no idea what's going on with Bishop, but I guess if he's having fun, who are we to judge?


Tony Baroni, your ECCW Women's Champion, came out before the match to let people know that only HE gets to call himself Uncle Daddy. Uncle Daddy then went on to basically be the arrogant SOB we all know him to be. He didn't give any credit to his opponent Kate Carney. He basically said the match was over before it even began. Then he did that little T-Rex dance he does, around the ring.

Well, if there is one thing you shouldn't do to the Glitter Assassin Kate Carney, it's underestimate her. She came out of the gates like a bat out of hell, bringing the fight to Tony Baroni and getting several near falls.

The problem is, Baroni, despite all his yammering, is actually quite good at what he does. And when he hits you with his finisher, odds are, you're staying down. So after Baroni took a breather on the outside, all it took was one mistake by Carney, and Baroni capitalized.

However, as he was celebrating in the ring, Cat Power, the wrestler he defeated to win the ECCW Women's Championship, showed up. Baroni didn't want none, and all of a sudden there was a cartoon cutout of Baroni on the wall as he ran out of Sapperton faster than the Canucks tanked last season.

Something tells us Cat Power isn't quite finished with Uncle Daddy.


Ethan HD made his big return to ECCW after having trained in India for 6 months, and he was treated to a heroes welcome. Streamers were tossed, Quest Bars were thrown, and many hashtags were used.

His opponent? Adonis. Which meant you were in for a high flying, action packed affair. And both men delivered. There were big moves pulled off, so big in fact, we'll save it for Pivot Share. But rest assured, if you paid money to see Ethan's in ring return in ECCW, you would have left happy. The only problem was the end of the match, when Adonis and his buddy Drexl, made sure the numbers game worked in their favor...

So yes, a disappointing  result for the former Pac Cup and Canadian Champion, but still, it has to feel good to be welcomed and remembered by the ECCW faithful, right? Except...well, here, let Ethan tell you in his own words:

The audio is blaring a bit, but the gist of it is, Ethan HD has declared himself a Defy wrestler. He feels ECCW screwed him out of the main event spot. He feels ECCW doesn't give him the respect he deserves, and hasn't for several years.

With the huge ECCW vs Defy show coming up September 9th, this throws a bit of a wrench into ECCW's plans. Ethan HD, as mentioned earlier, is a Pac Cup winner, former ECCW tag team champion, and former Canadian Champion. His skills unquestionably would have been a huge asset for ECCW. But now, it looks like he's switched sides and taken his allegiance back home to the US of A.


These kids have been lighting up up as of late, so it was nice to see them continue their feud as Jacky Lee and Shareef Morrow continued under the mentorship of Ravenous Randy, while Erik Strange and Travis Williams continue their mentorship under Crappy Gilmore, Mitch Mulligan.

We assume Ravenous can give his pupils tips on things to improve on in the ring while Mitch can teach his pupils how to cheat on their golf score.

One thing we've seen come out in the matches between the two sides has been the mini showdowns between Shareef and Travis. There appears to be a game of one-upmanship going on whenever they face off in the ring. Once again, Shareef came out on top:

Other highlights included:

Mitch Mulligan working on his stroke:

Jacky Lee flying through the air:

Travis getting some revenge:

And teamwork ultimately prevailing in the end:

What happened to the other team, you ask? Well, Mitch and Travis decided to blame Erik Strange for their loss. They left the ring to watch him take on three men, and somehow decided it was his fault for the loss. They began berating him in the ring, but with Erik, Strange things seem to happen around him...

It's usually a good rule of thumb to not piss off the guy who could probably bench press you above his head for 10 minutes straight.


The second last match of the night saw Purple Power taking on Santiago and his shovel "Phil". As always, Santiago is a dangerous opponent who can put anyone away with Hell Knee-no, but Shreddz has something in his back pocket called the TKO. So it essentially came down to who could hit their devastating move first, and on this night...

If you look at the start of the gif, you can see Santiago trash talking a fan in the front row. It's no secret Mike likes to dish it out to the fans who dish it out to him. Well tonight, it might have cost him, as that one extra second he took to tell the fan off, gave Shreddz enough time to recover, avoid the Hell Knee-no, and deliver the TKO to win the match.

Game, blouses.


Scotty Mac and CVE have been fending off the Voros Twins off for what feels like forever. And the story has been pretty much the same the entire time. The Voros Twins get close, but the veteran savvy, and the help of the Beauty and the Builds, has allowed the newlywed couple to escape with a victory time after time.

And tonight, it looked like Scotty had done it again. After a spirited match between the two had ramped up to the point it looked like the Voros had the momentum, Scotty called an audible:

Using smoke, mirrors, beauties, builds, and a stabby stab to the face, Scotty Mac and CVE looked to have retained the tag team titles once again.

Except this time, referee Jeff Cummer and ECCW official Mike Democrat had seen enough. They restarted the match. They weren't going to let Scotty Mac bully his way to another victory. They even made it a no disqualification match so Scotty couldn't use that to escape either.

Now, the numbers game would once again seem to favor Beauty and the Builds. But Adonis wrestled earlier in the night. Drexl was probably up late drinking blood the night before. Scotty and CVE have most likely been doing their marriage duties on a nightly basis. This meant the Voros had a chance to use their youthful energy to pull off an upset...

Which they did.

Yes, The Voros Twins have proven people wrong and become the ECCW Tag Team Champions! Hard work does pay off, as we have seen these young men grow up before our very eyes. Everyone was happy for the Voros-

OK, look, sometimes these things happen.


It's called Resting Voros Face.

It's a real thing.