With our huge match against Scotty Mac and the rest of Beauty and the Builds coming up on March 31st, at the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver, ECCW's 22nd Anniversary show, we just thought it would be nice to send out a message.

We won't be pushed around online. And we sure as hell won't be pushed around in the ring. Especially with our friends Erik Strange, Shreddz, and Mitch Mulligan having our backs. The fact it's taking place in a steel cage is perfect, because that way our opponents can't run away from what's coming to them.

So we just wanted to let Scotty, Christina, Drexl, Schaff, and Adonis know that they have their hands full next Saturday. And that they should be ready for anything.

And we do mean anything.

We hope you like movies Scotty.

We also hope nothing happens to that pretty face of yours Scotty. All of them.

- Re:Loaded