Nothing goes better with watching the men and women of ECCW kick ass in the ring then by following it up with a post show beer and burger. So we would be delighted if you'd join us afterwards for a burger and beer for only $15, thanks to the fine folks at the District Taphouse!

All you have to do is show this flyer (printed or on your mobile device) and you can partake in this awesome deal!

So after you watch us kick 3-2-1 Battle's ass alllllll the way across the border, make sure you come celebrate with us afterwards!

Also, Scotty Mac says we'll be giving away TWO tickets to the sold out Ballroom Brawl X. This is one of the few ways you can still manage to see this show live, so why not have some food, try and win some tickets, and chat with some of your favorite ECCW wrestlers?

EECW Coupon - July 7 2018 REVISED.jpg