Artemis Spencer vs Judas Icarus (Winner: Artemis Spencer)

Artemis Spencer and Judas Icarus started off the show, and it's a good thing Judas doesn't own a pair of shoes otherwise Arty would have beaten them off of him two minutes into the match. 

The two men wasted little time getting to know each other, as the match quickly spilled to the outside, culminating in some flippy dippy dives from ol' Arty, highlight by Judas being tossed into Pesky's Pole at Sapperton, bouncing him around 5 feet into the crowd.

Judas is a tough son of a bitch, though, and began bringing the fight to Arty. You don't wear overalls without learning how to defend yourself from angry Canadians, and at one point it looked like the Arty might lose to the young upstart.

However, Artemis dug deep, and found a way to pick up the victory, because the guy is just flat out a winner, you know?

And yes, for those wondering, Arty did indeed give Judas two middle fingers and cuss him out. So if it comes down to a match of manners, Judas walked away the winner.

arty mad 2.PNG

Fergie vs Steve West (Winner: Steve West)

I think we can all admit Fergie enjoys dancing. In fact, rumor has it Bishy Wishy was formed when Bishop and Fergie bumped into each other on the dance floor at The Roxy and were both impressed by the others moves.

So it shouldn't be too much of a surprise that Fergie danced his way to the ring for this contest. What should be a surprise is that he wouldn't stop dancing once the match started, much to Steve West's chagrin.

I could write up a recap of the dance moves, the offensive dance moves, the reversal dance moves, the chain dance moves pulled off in this match, but none of that would do it any justice. So instead, watch this video highlight package of it.

Now if you're wondering how a many with that much dance based offense could lose? Two words: Snot bomb.

Steve West can be a gross dude sometimes. Apparently his spit based offense he showed off against Ashley Sixx was just the beginning...

Chris Voros vs Nathan Legacy (Winner: Nathan Legacy)

If you're a fan of the Voros losing and of infinity symbols, then this was the match for you! After triple checking to make sure it was indeed Chris Voros in the ring, the match got underway.

The Voros, who have turned mean as of late, continued that trend with giving many thumbs down to the crowd, and continuing to badger the cameraman. Though this new mean edge of the Voros has seen rise to a more vicious side to them in the ring, which seems to be paying off for them. Instead of high fives and yoooos, we are seeing running clothesline in the corner that almost take the heads off their opponents.

But despite having the strongest Yo based offense in wrestling, Nathan Legacy has something the Voros are lacking right now, and that is good old fashioned jumping off the top ropes to murder people based offense. Which is what Legacy had to fall back on to make sure he could put Chris away, making sure the Voros will never forget his....Legacy.

Side note, the Voros wrecking path on merch tables continues, as Chris at one point stole a Legacy t-shirt to wipe his bum with, and even worse, dropped an elbow onto. That shirt had a family, damn it!

voros drop.PNG

Adonis vs Elliot Tyler (Winner: Elliot Tyler)

The former ECCW Champion Adonis took on Elliot Tyler in his singles ECCW debut, and if you're going by muscle mass, this one was a mismatch from the very get go.

On one hand you've got the mounds of muscle of Adonis. A man whose muscles have muscles, a man whose idea of a good time is staying late at the gym to get in one more rep, a man who thinks carbs are just a nickname for a car part.

On the other hand, you've got Elliot Tyler, a young kid whose fanny pack is probably the most threatening looking part of him.

But as with all things in life, if you judge things by their cover, you can find yourself making a huge mistake. Which is what Adonis did when he took Tyler lightly, only to find out this kid has a shit ton of fight in him. Despite Adonis looking like he had all the momentum in the second half of the fight, Tyler used some gumption and some smarts to score the roll up pin on the lone Beauty and the Builds member at the show that night.

Despite the loss, Adonis might have had the most memorable move of the night when he pulled off the "full moon-sault", much to the chagrin of the crowd. Well, to be fair, some in the crowd probably enjoyed it. That gym work pays off, what can we say.


Fatal Fourway : P Voros vs Danni Deeds vs Jacky Lee vs Travis Williams (Winner: Travis Williams)

It feels like not much can stop the momentum of the Bish Killer these days, not even being in a match up having three other opponents. Yet Travis Williams did what he continues to do so well as of late, and that's just win, baby.

Yes, the young Wisemen walked into the match a cocky son of a bitch and he left the match a cocky son of a bitch.  Travis, using a bit of smarts to take advantage of a Dastardly stunner Deeds dropped on Jacky Lee, shoved Danni out of the ring to take the pin for himself.

Patrick Voros showed that his twin magic only works with, well, his twin, as he attempted in vain to find chemistry with Deeds and Williams, only for it to fall short. Sure, the chemistry was harmed by the fact Patrick kept breaking all of the short term alliances he created, but those are just minor details.

Danni Deeds apparently feels the world has forgotten why they call him dastardly in the first place, and seems intent upon taking his anger out on anyone in his path. Deeds, yelling at the crowd and telling them their home town sucks, looks to be heading towards a dark future.

t wills.PNG

Eddie Osbourne vs Bishop (Winner: Eddie Osbourne)

Despite The Natural telling everyone who would listen he had no horse in the race, despite the fact everyone knows The Natural tends to be a bit of a scumbag, despite the fact The Natural has never met a back he couldn't resist stabbing, we all wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt heading into this one.

Sure, Bish and Natch haven't been hanging out as much, but at the end of the day, they're still best buds, right? They have so much history together, there is no reason for The Natural to throw that all away. Yet throw it away he did as it was finally revealed on Saturday that The Natural is throwing his hat back in the managing ring, as he has assembled a crew of island boys to try and take over ECCW.

Natural already cost Bird his Canadian championship at the 22nd anniversary show. He cost Bishop and Fergie the tag team titles at Hail to the King. And last night, he cost Bishop a fair shot at Eddie Osbourne's Canadian title when he led Eli Surge and Judas Icarus to the ring during the contest to help secure a win for the man who personifies wrestling.

Which is a shame, because it was a really good match. You have two, big strong men in the ring, hossing it out over the right to be the Champion of Canada. Bishop trying to kill someone, Eddie trying to murder someone, it's a match made in heaven.

Except, as usual, The Natural is all about ruining things. I mean, can you ever really trust a guy who likes the Golden State Warriors?

So as it stands, all we know is the Natural is back, and he has a group of guys with him that look to be a threat to everyone in the ECCW locker room. We don't know the name of their group. We don't know their plans. What we can assume, though, is that all the belts in ECCW have been put on notice.


Tony Baroni vs B-Boy (Winner: B-Boy)

The feature match up of the night pitted Uncle Daddy in a street fight against PWG/ROH star B-Boy. It was a grungy, drag 'em down, beat 'em up kind of affair, which kind of goes hand in hand with street fights, ya know?

The fight spilled to the outside, which saw Baroni and B-Boy take turns beating the crap out of each other around the ring. Baroni's testicles saw their share of a workout, as it was the main focal point of B-Boys attacks for several minutes. Uncle Daddy, he ain't no fool though, and there was no way he was entering a street fight without his Wisemen brothers having his back.

Billy Suede and Travis Williams surrounded the ring and helped Baroni put B-Boy straight through a damn table, and it looked like the match was over. But a visibly exhausted (or drunk?) Baroni took too long to make the cover, and B-Boy kicked out. And once he kicked out, everything fell apart for the Wisemen, as B-Boy took out Williams, Billy, and then took down Baroni to secure the 1, 2, 3.

A big loss for the Wisemen, to be sure, but if there is one thing we've learned from The Wisemen is nobody bounces back from losses better than them. Betting on them to win their next match is probably.....a Wise choice.