With Ballroom Brawl XII just around the corner, perhaps no other match has as many eyes on it like the Fatal Four Way match between Judas Icarus, Beef Boy, Travis Williams, and independent wrestling icon David Starr. We’ve heard for months about how these boys are the future of wrestling, and now right in front of them stands a top talent in David Starr. A man, whom if they beat, they can clearly show the world that they can back up the claim of being the next big thing. This isn’t just a potential feather in a cap, this is a cheque book offering up a future in the business.

Now, we’ve heard from Beef Boy about this match up.

And we’ve heard from the ‘Golden Boy’ Travis Williams.

So now, we get to hear from the Moonshine Mafia member himself, Judas Icarus….without The Natural there to do all the talking for once.

Yes, that’s right, we’ve gotten what is probably the first ECCW interview with Judas Icarus, all by himself. As unfiltered as the gross tap water Ashley Sixx drinks. This is Judas speaking from the heart about what this match means to him, and to be honest, it’s a very interesting talk. You’d think a young man who’d just won the 2019 Pacific Cup would be flying high, without a worry in the world. But for Judas, Ballroom Brawl XII isn’t an end point, it’s merely the beginning of a long journey to cement his legacy in wrestling as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.