Beef Boy burst onto the scene in the Pacific Northwest and hasn’t looked back ever since hearing his first thundering “Beef Boy!” chants from the crowd.

You would think someone so young and full of potential would be on top of the moon about just being in a match against top PNW stars in Judas Icarus and Travis Williams, and one of the best independent wrestlers in the world in David Starr at the biggest show of the summer. But when we sat down with Beef, we looked underneath the hood of the 6”7, 300 pound monster and found a bit of a surprise.

It appears Beef Boy isn’t as sure of himself as we thought. Despite having a spectacular year of wrestling, the elusive “big win” of his career has been wearing on him. And it’s true, even though Beef Boy is one of the most popular wrestlers in the territory, that crowning achievement of a young career has always seemed to dance away from him at the last second.

Add it all up, and Beef Boy has a lot on his mind these days and it looks like this match at Ballroom Brawl isn’t just a big match he wants to win, it’s a match he HAS to win.