Scotty Mac and CVE aren't used to losing a heck of a whole lot. They've had a long stretch as tag team champs in ECCW, and with the help of Drexl and Adonis, it felt like they might hold onto those titles forever.

Except with one little slip up at HD: Rising, and with a young hungry team chasing them down, the tag titles are no longer around their waists.

Which is weird, because Beauty and the Builds is all about that gold lifestyle. So it should shock nobody that Scotty Mac is already turning his eyes towards another type of gold....the ECCW Championship.

September 9th at ECCW vs Defy, Scotty Mac has a shot at the ECCW Championship in a Fatal Four Way match. His opponents?

Nicole Matthews (the current champ).

Shreddz (the purple power champ).

Adonis (the bench press champ).

Wait, what? Adonis? That same Adonis from Beauty and the Builds? Surely he is in the match to help give Scotty an edge, right?

We thought so too, except when we tracked down Scotty after HD: Rising, there seemed to be a bit of a disconnect between Adonis and Smaccy...