With the Wisemen’s future riding on the shoulders of ‘The Golden Boy’ Travis Williams this Saturday, you’d think Tony Baroni would be worried more about his future and less about his tan. But say one thing about Uncle Daddy it’s that it’s hard to rattle the man. Even if the Wisemen’s future hangs in the balance, it’s hard to fluster the salami eating samurai.

Maybe he’s too focused on winning the ECCW Championship in the Fatal Fourway June 22nd at Triple Crown against current champ Artemis Spencer, Sammy Gueverra and Adam Brooks to care about the future of the Wisemen. Maybe the thought of holding the top title in the company has made him no longer care about the Wisemen as much as he once did.

Or maybe we should all be very very worried because whenever Tony Baroni looks his calmest, it’s usually because he has a wise plan waiting in the wings….