A wedding, a ladder match, Twin Magic, Shakespeare vs a Peacock, a Granville Street Fight, a Women's Champion unlike any other...we're pretty sure we couldn't have fit in more action last night if we tried.

If you missed the action last night (and for shame if you did. SHAME!) we've got you covered. Here's what went down at the hottest wrestling event of the summer!

Smeerie Wedding

We were really hoping we'd get through one wrestling wedding without a cake being destroyed, but alas, that dream must wait another day.

The wedding started off perfectly calm and in control. The Natural came out to MC the event. Scotty Mac and his groomsmen were all adorned in Smeerie Blue*. Christina Von Eerie was as beautiful as ever. Also in Smeerie Blue*.

But then Lak Siddartha showed up. Apparently he took umbrage with the wedding. Claimed he was more endowed than Scotty Mac, amongst other things. Words were shared. Emotions began rising. Then before you knew it, there was Shreddz jumping off the top rope onto a crowd of people.

You know, just a good old fashioned wedding celebration, really.

This led to Scotty being put through a cake (no cake is allowed to survive being on a wrestling show, it is the law), which led to....

*our lawyers assures us there is no such thing as Smeerie Blue

Christina Von Eerie vs Nicole Matthews (Granville Street Fight) - Winner Nicole Matthews

Nicole Matthews, never one to let prime opportunity slip through her grasp, showed up amidst all the chaos and challenged the newly minted bride Christina Von Eerie to a Granville Street Fight for the ECCW Championship. Quite the wedding gift, if CVE could pull off the victory.

What followed was a very spirited affair between the two, that led to the traditional tossing of the bouquet-

Wait, did we say bouquet, we meant bride. The traditional tossing of the bride.

Despite several near falls from CVE, Nicole Matthews proved once again why she is at the top of the ECCW mountain.

Tony Baroni vs Cat Power (C) : ECCW Women's Championship - Winner Tony Baroni

The match started with a bang when the Goddess Mandy came out wearing....well we're not quite sure. Body paint and sparkles was our best guess.

Cat Power came out next, and if there was an award for most bad ass gear of the night, she'd have won it.

This match was a back and forth affair, a match that was fueled by tension, as both sides really don't like each other. At one point, we thought Cat had this match won after a chokeslam that brought the house down.

The problem is, although Baroni has quite the ego, Uncle Daddy is one tough son of a bitch, and he managed to kick out. Now, add in a tough Baroni who has the help of a Goddess...

Well, that's the sort of thing that can stack the odds in your favor.

We now enter a world where Tony Baroni is your ECCW Women's Champion.

The Voros Twins vs The Repaired : Number One Contendership - Winners The Voros Twins

Both teams have respect for each other, for that there can be no doubt. But in competitive sports, tensions can rise when Championships or paths to the Championship are on the line. Both sides have cost each other titles and shots at the titles recently, so it's no surprise that it led to this match.

It was a very physical affair, with the normally happy go lucky Voros Twins showing a more aggressive side to themselves, and with Dr. Luther wrestling like he was 20 again. Don't believe us? Doc took to the top ropes at one point and jumped to the outside.

Despite Doc power-bombing and clothes-lining the Voros damn near to death, the Voros Twins pulled off some Twin Magic to get the fresh Twin into the ring, which allowed them to get the pin on Dr. Luther. Ravenous Randy, who had been taken out earlier, just missed out on getting back into the ring to break up the tag.

Alas, Dr. Luther did not seem too impressed by his partner not having his back, which led to some apparent tension after the match had concluded.

While things looked to be on rocky grounds between the two, they are called The Repaired for a season, so odds are they can work this out. It just might take a bit of space for a couple of weeks of cool down time for these two highly competitive men.

Dalton Castle vs Nelson Creed - Winner Dalton Castle

Up next was the highly anticipated battle between the Peacock of professional wrestling vs the self proclaimed smartest man in wrestling.

The match-up was a strategic one, with both men trying to out think and outsmart each other. And while strategy was at an all time high during this bout, in the end it was decided by brute force, as Dalton Castle finally managed to catch Nelson Creed with a glorious counter.

Bird's Nest Rumble - Winners Adonis, Bishop and Tony Baroni

With the top 3 men of this match advancing to take on Andy Bird in a ladder match for the Canadian Championship later that night, there was a lot on the line in this one.

To start things off newly jeaned up Nick Pesky took on the TKO dispensing Shreddz. And while things looked bad for Shreddz early on when Pesky's new friend Xavier Galaxy came out next, the sides were eventually evened when the artist formerly known as Mike Everest came out, and Fergie looked to get revenge on his former Good Brother.

And while Fergie took out Galaxy, and looked to be about to get some measure of revenge on Pesky, Galaxy proved once again he is a sore loser...

Shreddz, who was on fire the entire match and eliminated what felt like almost everyone, had himself a little TKO party after that. Everyone was invited!

Shreddz single-handedly powered himself into the Canadian Championship! Or so we thought...

Yes, Adonis who looked to go down with a knee injury earlier on, a man who has had knee injuries in the past, fooled us all. Shreddz had his moment at a title stolen from him by one of the members of Beauty and the Builds.

This led to a Canadian Championship Ladder match between...

Andy Bird (C) vs Bishop vs Adonis vs Baroni : Canadian Championship Ladder match - Winner Andy Bird

It feels like we've come so far from the days of the Toy Story loving Andy Bird. Back then, Scotty Mac was tearing him apart for the way he wrestled, and now fast forward to today and Andy Bird is in the news for all his good work away from the wrestling ring, and main eventing Ballroom Brawls.

As always, Andy Bird made sure El Phantasmo's legacy of amazing entrances would be honored, as Andy Bird has taken up the mantle of "Best entrances in Brawl" with gusto.

As with all ladder matches, this one was a spectacle of danger and excitement as all four men laid everything on the line to try and claim the Canadian Championship. We're going to save most of the action for our Pivot Share channel, but we will share Andy Bird flying like the crazy son of a bitch that he is, showing why he's so hard to beat. The man will do anything to win.

OK, wait, we'll give you one more clip. We have to show the moment Bishop almost crashed to the center of the earth.

In the end, despite Uncle Daddy's oddly creepy popularity with the Commodore Ballroom crowd, Andy Bird did retain the Canadian Championship.

Yes, all in all it was another amazing night of wrestling, and we couldn't have done it without you, the fans. Thank you for helping us sell out the Commodore Ballroom for the eighth time in a row! We look forward to selling out many more of them with you in the future!