We had a lot of choices to pick from, but in the end, we couldn't resist going with a bit of nostalgia.

You see, back when Adonis was known as Air Adonis, he was a friendly, if slightly inebriated, air pilot whose love of the ladies was only topped by his love of flying through the air to entertain the audience.

Well, ever since he joined up with Scotty Mac, he's become an angry, surly kind of guy, the kind of guy who kicks you off the machines at the gym and mocks you for not lifting enough weight.

Which is why at Ballroom Brawl 8, when Adonis went to that top rope, and flew through the air once more, it brought back some fond memories for us....which came crashing to the ground when Adonis resumed being Adonis, the jerk who steals your girl at the beach.

Still, we would be remiss if we didn't give him proper kudos for busting out one bad ass moment at the Commodore.