Meet Arty. You may know him as Artemis Spencer, the hidden jewel of wrestling in the Pacific Northwest.


Oh, wait, if you've seen him in the ring, sometimes he has his angry face on:

arty mad.jpg

Here's the thing, though. We know he's awesome. You know he's awesome. It's just that he's so darn humble he refuses to brag about himself. Which is a darn shame, because there is so much he could brag about (well except for his t-shirts). Fun fact, did you know not only can he wrestle 5 star matches, but he can also build steel cages? Buy him a beer, he'll tell you all about it.

Anyways, when Arty went down with an injury that put him on the shelf for around a year, we all feared a legendary career was cut short way too soon. Surely this couldn't be the end of the two time, TWO TIME, inanimate object of the year award winner?? (Arty's smile cannot be stopped).

So when Arty came back on the scene from his injury and showed that he barely missed a step, we got real excited. Because, you see, we want to make Arty the most talked about thing since the hoverboard. Because he deserves it. More people need to know about just how good this man is at wrestling.

Which is why we are going to interview him every single chance we get. He hates interviews. Hates them. But that won't stop us. He's at a show? We're gonna interview him. He's at home having a solitary poop? We're gonna interview him. He's playing Far Cry and trying to find some ammo to finish a mission? We're gonna interview him.

So without further ado, here is our first of many many interview with the Gentleman Artemis Spencer, where we ask him what he sees in his ECCW future.