Artemis Spencer's return from a gruesome ankle injury was one of the highlights of 2017. Many feared his in ring career would be over, or worse, he'd return and be a shell of his former self, relying on something silly like a hoverboard to get around the ring.

But if there is one thing you should never do with Artemis Spencer, it's count him out. Not only did he return better than ever, but he returned with a bit of a chip on his shoulder to prove everyone who doubted his Wolverine-like ability to recover from injuries, dead wrong.

And since we know Artemis Spencer is a man of few words, we sent a man we can't ever shut up, to try and coax some thoughts out of him on his biggest challenge yet since his return: Sammy Guevara.

Yes, Sammy Guevara, a man who can end your night with a hundred different moves off the top rope, is set to face off against Artemis Spencer. We know Arty wanted to get back into the thick of things, but defeating Sammy when fully healthy is a hard enough task. Returning from an injury, though? That might be asking too much from the Canadian legend Artemis Spencer.

Yes, we got the Natural to ask Artemis his thoughts on facing someone who can match Arty flip for flip, and dive for dive, as they get set to face off on the biggest stage in the Pacific Northwest, the Commodore, at Ballroom Brawl IX this Saturday, January 20th.