In wrestling, alliances change. It's just a fact of life in the squared circle. The competitive drive, the insecurities, the egos, Smac-Down segments going on for three hours, there are many reasons why friendships and bonds can crumble seemingly in the blink of an eye.

But if there was one friendship we thought would last forever, it was the one between Ravenous Randy and Andy Bird. From their time in the Riot, to Andy's current spot as the ECCW Canadian Championship, it always felt like Ravenous Randy would be there for Andy, mentoring him and being the kind of best friend you don't often see in this business. Someone who selflessly had his back no matter what, wanting nothing but the best for someone other than themselves.

So it was a horrifying shock to see the actions that went down this past Saturday at the RCC. Words honestly can't describe the scene that unfolded, so we will just play the video, showing what Ravenous Randy did.

A note about the interview, as we've had several complaints from fans wondering why we tried to talk to Andy Bird so quickly after the show. Al, our intrepid reporter, was simply trying to do his job when he tried to interview Andy Bird later in the night. He was perhaps a little too ambitious in trying to get the interview so soon, however. 

ECCW management would like to apologize to Andy for not showing enough tact in this situation. We will try and talk to Andy about the events of Saturday night at a later date, when he has had enough time to try and come to terms with it.

And to be fair, it was kind of Vince's fault, our head of security. He should have had Al on lockdown and far away from Bird. We will be talking to Vince about this as well.