The 21st Anniversary show was loaded with action, so let's get down to business and get you the results, shall we?


With current and former ECCW wrestlers taking part, we saw such legends as Buddy Wayne appear, as well as an El Phantamso from days gone past.... Alas, the time travelling masked El P was eliminated in under 5 seconds.

Highlights of the Rumble included Don Hellion once again being screwed over for trying to do the nice thing (he shook hands with Xavier Galaxy over the ropes, which led to him being tossed to the outside, which I mean, come on, why would you ever shake Galaxy's hand). The other highlight? Ray Brooks once again not wearing his hat. This has now become ECCW's greatest fall from grace. For shame Ray. For shame.

With Lak Sidartha looking like he was going to win the whole thing, Adonis covfefe'd his way to a surprise victory. Lak tossed what he thought was the last person out of the ring, only to see Adonis play his Trump card and sneak in from behind to toss Lak aside like he was a guy trying to move in on his machine at the gym.


Beauty and The Builds keep on rolling.

Nelson Creed vs Nick Price - Winner Nelson Creed

In a match that almost saw the referee get his head clean kicked off by Nick Price, these two veterans of the trade battled back and forth in a close affair until Nelson Creed managed to sneak out a victory.

Creed, who has been a bit of a fan favorite as of late, looks to continue his winning ways against Bishop and Pete Powers in a 3 way dance at the next ECCW Show, June 10th, at Fans Bring the Weapons. Battle of the big men!

Bishop vs The Ladies Choice - Winner Bishop

When feathers fill the ring, it can mean only one thing....LC has arrived. Despite some veteran eye pokes and crafty time outs, LC fell victim to Bishop's.....sleeper hold? Yes, Bishop must be expanding his arsenal for that big 3 way dance against two men who are bigger than him. Bishop the submission specialist??

ECCW Tag Team Championship - Scotty Mac and Christina Von Eerie vs Ravenous Randy and Dr. Luther (c) 2/3 Falls Tables Match - Winner and New Champions Scotty Mac and Christina Von Eerie

Scotty Mac and CVE took on The Repaired, and early on it looked like it was going to be an easy win for Dr. Luther and Ravenous Randy. They had control of the match, they were beating down the Beauty and the Builds, but then...

Yes, CVE bounced off the table, a combination of ECCW using nothing but the hardest Canadian wood (Shreddz approved), and CVE weighing like 90 pounds.

Even after that failed attempt, however, they STILL had the momentum when they took a pair of handcuffs that just happened to be in Scotty's pants (don't ask) and locked CVE to a ring post. This led to the first fall of the match:

Alas, as always seems to be the case, when you take Beauty and the Builds, it means you take on all of them. Adonis and Drexl hit the ring and soon the numbers game went in the BatB favour, which allowed them to even the score at one table a piece after they put Dr. Luther through a table. But just when it looked like Scotty and CVE were about to cement their victory, the Voros Twins showed up to even the odds! With Dr. Luther about to dump CVE through a table to retain the titles, Lak Siddartha came out to protect CVE, his apparent crush on her growing stronger each day. 

Even then, the Repaired looked to win the titles when a Voros went to drop kick Scotty through a table....except Scotty rolled out of the way. Ravenous Randy became victim number three of ECCW wood. 

Your new Tag Team Champions, and soon to be married ECCW power couple...

Scotty Mac vs Ray Brooks - Winner Ray Brooks

In an impromptu match that came about after Scotty demanded Ray take engagement photos (Scotty insulted Ray's wrestling ability, Ray said Christina Von Eerie looked better with the pig mask on, you know, the usual stuff), Scotty felt the taste of defeat as Ray "Hefty Meat" Brooks took out Scotty Mac in an upset for the ages.

Andy Bird (c) vs El Phantasmo - Canadian Championship Match - Winner Andy Bird

In El Phantasmo's last Canadian date of 2017 (he's headed to the UK wrestling scene to try and conquer our dominion cousins), Andy Bird showed that he could not only keep up with EL-P in the ring, but he could beat him, too.

We not only saw Bird match EL-P move for move, but we saw him match EL-P word for word, too, as the two men sparred physically and verbally. In what has been a meteoric rise for Bird over the last year, he continues to show that he is the real deal, as he has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he indeed deserves to be the Champion of Canada.

We are sad to see EL-P go, but we are happy knowing that ECCW is in good hands with the current talent on the roster.

Good luck EL-P, and thanks for all the memories! Mr. Ballroom Brawl made 2016 a year we will never, ever, forget.