Travis Williams has a big mouth. We knew that when the brash young rookie called himself the Bish Killer and spat water in Bishop's face, and stole his t-shirt. Bish slaughtered Travis Williams, as is ECCW rookie tradition, and many thought the bravado would stop there. Surely a lesson was learned that day.

But give Travis credit, he may talk a lot of shit, but he knows how find ways to back it up. First, he made a very smart move in aligning himself with The Wisemen. Learning how to win from three of the best in the business in The Goddess Mandy, Tony Baroni and Billy Suede, that's a money move right there.

Then he kept working hard, training every day, making sure that as much shit as he talked out of the ring, he could back it up more and more in the ring every day.

It's gotten to the point where Travis's latest name for himself, the Golden Boy, is hard to argue. Already at such a young age he's an ECCW Tag Team Champion. Already he is a prECCW Champion. Already he's been on Ballroom Brawl cards. Who knows what his future holds, but you can't deny, it looks very bright. Almost golden, one would say.

But what we do know now for sure, though, is what the future holds for the prECCW Championship....